With the different viewing options in Wrike, you can see the information that matters most to you in the most convenient format. It has MANY different ways to view the same data (list view, table view, kanban board style, etc). It has several paid plans as well as a free plan with limited features. Submit and Track Request in Jira, Directly from Wrike Wrike really sets itself apart when it comes to ease of use and setup. We have data on 2,891 companies that use Wrike. Wrike is a flexible project management tool that encourages information sharing among your team. A: Wrike is an application software that can be used on the web or as Android and iOS apps. Wrike is easy to use and flexible and is a good fit for companies and projects of all sizes. While other programs don’t always work the way you work, Wrike conforms to your team and personal workflows. In Wrike, only folders and projects can be used as tags. Wrike vs Basecamp is a classic example of simplicity versus customization. While Asana and Wrike are almost similar, I find Wrike leading the way in certain ways. They both allow unlimited third-party collaboration (“guests” for Asana, “collaborators” for Wrike). Which Companies use Wrike? Wrike . Asana is free for 15 users with limited functionality. Wrike is very flexible in how you use it. Accelerating performance, automating complex tasks, delivering better efficiency, etc are some of the most well-appreciated features that have made this software popular. Wrike is a multi-platform online tool that can be used by companies of all sizes, but is utilized mostly by medium to large size businesses and enterprises. You can also collect data through forms. Customization, integration, and work organization are some of its best features. Wrike has been around for 14 years, with over 700 employees inc several locations around the world. Wrike also appears to outdo Asana in terms of management tools. Wrike’s design is far from lacking, but not quite as crystallized as its competitor. The beauty of Wrike is in its customization. Its real-time Gantt chart is also a big help in project planning, providing users with a map of the tasks that need to be accomplished on every project. Learn more on our Advanced Security Settings page. A commonly asked question is how does Wrike stack up against Basecamp? The project management tool can be used by anyone. Wrike has a busy workspace: there are projects for related tasks, folders for related projects, and spaces for related projects and tasks. Conclusion . List of Wrike Alternatives 1. Wrike is an amazing system which has ended all my project management related problems. It also boosts productivity with customizable dashboards and dynamic request forms, which reduce time-consuming admin tasks and emails. After that, there are multiple phases of validation. Wrike add-on pricing. Wrike and Workast can be categorized as "Project Management" tools. It helps your team capture daily work, manage projects and keep all tasks in one place. Proofing and approvals – $9.80/user/month; Github & Jira integration – free; For teams of more than 20 users, they also provide on-boarding for an additional fee. Wrike Reviews: What is Wrike used for? This is an online system which is easy to access and also easy to use. PM software, like Wrike and Jira, enables the project team and other stakeholders to make use of a system that keeps information organized. Currently we use Wrike to manage internal and external team hours, create project scoping timelines, uncover potential roadblocks and to get everyone on the same page about changes/updates/etc. Asana and Wrike both use the same pricing structure: a freemium, tiered model. Wrike’s software is used by over 2.3 million users across 140 countries. One thing I especially like is their support team, when I come to them with questions that usually go beyond in their response. We use it for our IT department and use it to track both our service work and our projects. Basecamp’s design is beautifully straightforward, which makes it easy to learn, navigate, and use. The companies using Wrike are most often found in United States and in the Computer Software industry. One of my favorite features is that you can print individualized reports for a person or print out the total hours by project. Wrike for the most part is more expensive than Asana is, though it does offer more support options. Both of them have added the required features to make their tools comply with GDPR and CCPA. GDPR and CCPA Update: Both Wrike and Asana are GDPR and CCPA compliant. It has several useful tools that appear to have been created with the sole purpose of management, such as the time tracker. Wrike is very flexible in how you use it. However, the platform is pricey and falls short on live chat and time tracking. Viewing information in Wrike. Inside every task, there is a timer with a play/pause button. Wrike review, top features, pricing. It has been among the top project management tools out there for a while now. Once the user learns, it's easy to use Wrike and see its benefits. I love the Chrome extension that keeps my to-do list front and center. “We use it to source and prioritize which ideas get into the pipeline. Wrike’s free plan … Wrike allows you to visualize work, approve projects, and automate workflows. Wrike works best with startups and small companies, but it is not suitable for large companies, this is the main reason why businesses are searching for Wrike alternatives. It gives users the ability to get a real-time view of the project at any time and is also accessible even on mobile phones and tablets. There are a ton of options in Wrike, and once your company establishes how it will be used, it's a great add to your project management needs, intake request form needs, and more. Wrike’s easy-to-use project management tracks projects with dynamic Gantt charts, Kanban boards, easily adjustable scheduling, and real-time updates. Wrike review vs Basecamp. One of the best project management software, Wrike is best for team collaboration, remote team management and more. With this software, companies are able to create timelines, make use of the integrated time tracking, and create tasks that will only be shared with the pertinent people. Our data for Wrike … Wrike is a cloud-based as well as an on-premise enterprise resource planning solution that is developed to be used by individuals as well as by businesses that are either talent tracking companies or human resource companies. If you are not impressed with what wrike has to offer then no worries, Below is a list of the best and most popular software that offers unique features of their own. I love being able to create a task directly from an email in Outlook. Who else uses Wrike? Customer voice has big influence on Wrike’s roadmap. Q: What kind of software is Wrike? It has great options for setting up dashboards, scheduling workloads, managing complex projects, time tracking and reporting on all of that data. Best use cases. Wrike Analyze and Wrike for Professional Services Performance: View analytics boards that are shared with you + + + Create analytics boards +--* On Enterprise accounts, the abilities to create spaces and invite new users and guest reviewers can be restricted for regular users as well. Asana ventured into the market one year prior to Wrike and has earned accolades for its easy to use features. Wrike is well-established and claims to be used by over 17,000 companies, including such giants as Airbnb, TGI Fridays and SurveyMonkey. This means outside clients, vendors, contractors, freelancers, or other third parties can all access approved projects for free. Focus on Your Tasks. Organization ninjas will find Wrike a dream. I have used it to align my team with the objective of the organization. Wrike Professional is priced at $9.80 per user, per month (billed annually), but as we mentioned earlier, you can only use this tier by paying for 5, 10, or 15 users. Wrike Construction Management Software has all the tools a business may need to efficiently allocate resources, optimize their operations, and manage their staff better. It has great options for setting up dashboards, scheduling workloads, managing complex projects, time tracking and reporting on all of that data. A: Wrike is a unified online platform that allows you to use just one tool to do all the things you might currently need multiple tools to accomplish—communication, project management, and productivity tracking. Wrike-Jira sync customization options; How text formatting syncs between the two tools; Wrike and Jira, when used in combination, allow for seamless collaboration between business and technical teams. Wrike is an incredible project management software that allows you to perform all of your PM activities seamlessly so that you can improve the productivity of your team and bring more value to the … Wrike is most often used by companies with 50-200 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue. Wrike offers built-in time tracking for the Business pricing tier or higher that is very simple to use. Wrike pricing: Free – Wrike’s most elementary plan is free, though only for teams of up to five people, and also has a limit of 2 GB of storage space. Some of the notable ones are: Hootsuite; Paypal; Capgemini . Wrike is, therefore, more expensive when it comes to communication. Others might find it a tad complicated. Wrike is an online project management solution designed to offer visibility and control over projects and tasks. Jira is well-designed and has good templates, but the delays and interface issues hamper its usability. There are over 100 companies that use Wrike as their daily project management software. 13 companies reportedly use Wrike in their tech stacks, including Auterion Insights, Mola TV, and Direct Market. Despite Wrike’s complexity, it’s rarely unpleasant or frustrating to use. Here's how these two tools come together with Unito. With the help of the software, I have also made my team work faster and better. It is the application where work gets done It is used by Slack teams to create tasks, organize daily work, manage projects and track productivity. We've used Wrike for a couple of years. Headquartered in San Jose, California, they also have offices in Australia, Ireland, and Russia. What is Wrike? If you need a solid solution that your team can pick up quickly, this one is well worth checking out. They are able to plan, schedule, allocate, track, document, communicate, and deliver the project successfully and provide the value or solution it was designed for. Use our email integration to update, create, and engage with Wrike tasks right from your email. It's a great tool. They serve more … It has MANY different ways to view the same data (list view, table view, kanban board style, etc). Wrike is high-quality project management software that focuses on ease of use. Some of the popular customers of Wrike include Google, HootSuite, Hwaiian, and Loreal among others. Sending important action items to Wrike as tasks means that you and your team can easily work on projects together and helps ensure that everything stays organized in one place.