Larrivee P-03 Parlor Guitar Koa Special Edition (2004) $850. Grover Gold, Vintage-Style tuning machines, Aging Toner on the top. sku: 20U-206108. Apr 5, 2020 #4 Jaguarillo is 24” or thereabouts. The popular types of necks are neck-through, bolt-on and set neck. <> Burr, I'm not sure what you're referring to. Nice to play when I can get it away from my son. . Post Sep 26, 2008 #5 2008-09-26T09:51. With their distinctively narrow bodies and short scale lengths, parlor guitars are the smallest of all six-string flattop acoustics—as much as three inches shorter than the modern standard of 25.4 inches. The stock Tusq saddle has been ... more upgraded to a bone compensated saddle in an ebony bridge. It uses all solid woods – spruce for the top, rosewood for the back and sides, and mahogany for the neck. 945. The Larrivee is a small bodied guitar with a short scale. Sunburst. The reality is that the differences between the guitars are trivial. The specs are the same as 00-03 with one perfect exception: the neck length is 24.9”!!! 0 bids. I paid $550 out the door for mine in 2004 which included an upgrade to a hardshell case. A short 24" scale makes this the perfect couch guitar. Best Match. This shorter scale makes it very suitable for players with smaller hands, and also for 1920s ragtime styles. B. Brutus Member. List view. JCL Players Club Sign up now and receive emails for exclusive Larrivée promotions, Pro Shop deals, exciting giveaways, and upcoming news and events. Larrivee OM-40 Special Edition Short Scale Orchestra Model Acoustic w/ HSC, Iced Tea Burst, Spruce Top, Mahogany Back/Sides, #6 of Only 12 Made, Autographed by Jean Larrivee, NEW!!! Short Scale Bass Guitars. or Best Offer. I own one and it's my only short scale, so only one I can speak to. Designed with fingerstyle players in mind, the Larrivee LSV-11 features a slightly smaller, cutaway L body with a relatively short 24.8 inch scale length. Registered Member. Small and made for travel, but not short on tone! Scale length is the reason why (all things being equal) small string instruments like parlor guitars are easier to play than regular sized ones - the shorter scale length allows for strings to be relaxed and easier to fret. Here’s a beautiful and bold sounding Canadian Larrivee Parlor guitar! You can use our dealer locator to find one near you. Guitar has a couple minor blemishes but you'd have to really look to find them. John Liddy Carved Archtop. The LSV-11 features Larrivee's finest wood sets and highest grade appointments. I use it a lot. The only guitar I own with a shorter than normal scale is my Guild Brian May at 24". L-10 Brazilian. I have a 12 fret Larrivee Parlor which has a short scale and 1&3/4 neck. Larrivee PV09-E. Larrivee. It has a short scale length of 24"and a nut width of 1.75", and the neck joins the body at the 12th fret, following traditional parlor guitar builds. . 1-48 of 49 results. I eventually sold it. The Larrivee P03R is nothing short of beautiful. This Larrivee parlor acoustic guitar also features versatility in its sound, delivering open, airy tones. guitarboss - We index guitars for sale so you don't have to go looking for them. More Details... Used. The Simon & Patrick guitars are a little better . I had a short scale Larrivee parlor guitar once. Short scale guitars are considered more comfortable to play in some instances, due to the lower string tension involved. A very comfortable playing, sweet sounding Special Edition parlor guitar featuring a spruce top and koa back and sides. . Be surprised if you don't fall in love, P-03R is a satin all solid guitar, Rosewood back and sides at around $1400 . All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. Coming in just under the size of a parlor, this little 22.8" scale baby has some mojo! The various body types available are as follow: Solid Body: the solid body is the body type that is commonly used. Feel wise the Larrivee is probably a shorter scale than a dread so you're going to have lower tension with a given gauge of string to get to pitch. Short scale length guitars will have narrower frets which become even narrower at the upper frets. The all-new, redesigned Baker-T Pro is delivering now. Introduced at the 2006 Winter NAMM show, the Larrivee LSV-11 was an immediate hit. The slightly smaller LS body (somewhere between 00 and 000) and short scale make this the ideal fingerstyle guitar. Sign Up. 00-40 Custom. To this day, the innovative symmetrical X bracing used on the soundboard is implemented on … P-03ZZ African Zebrano. The nut width (44.4mm/ 1.75-inch) and bridge spacing (55mm/2.17-inch) give plenty of space for classic fingerpicking, while the short scale gives a slightly lower string tension. info page ; Washburn R314KK is another parlor guitar from Washburn’s vintage series with 48 mm wide nut. Oh, I used to own a 60s Jaguar...felt very small and didn't bond with that. Anyway, I don't mind doing my own fretboards, but I sure like the idea of the accuracy in a pre-slotted board, whether it's done with a CNC or a gang saw. 945. It features Sitka spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message User Info Menu. See the photos for minor flaws. This guitar ships with .013 gauge strings which are appropriate for this short scale guitar. LV-10 Sinker Redwood Top. The sound is so balanced and chimey, as only Larrivee can produce, and it stays in tune forever. International Fees . This lovely guitar delivers a full, even tone with enough volume for small rooms and is well set up. No, I certainly don't expect the guitar to be as loud as my dreads or even other small body guitars like a OO or OOO. Larrivée will not publish, share, or sell your information in any way. It sounded lovely, but always felt weird to me. Guitar is well traveled as it was a working guitar in its earlier life. As Jean began to test new shapes, bracings and construction methods, he found success by crossing elements of the popular Martin steel-string guitars with classical guitars methods he had learned from Mönch. I got mine new for less than 300 bucks some years ago. Very rare All Mahogany front, back & sides vintage sunburst 12-fret cutaway, prices accordingly. LV-05 12 String *Short Scale. Producing high-grade acoustics for nearly 40 years, Larrivee brings boutique-quality tone endorsed by the likes of Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley. Described as Grand Concert Shape, with their Short Scale, Open Headstock, Neck body Joint at the 12th Fret, they make fo... View Product. I played some Seagulls . But they're still nice. "All Solid wood Construction, Single Piece Mahogany Neck, Canadian Sitka Spruce Sound Board & Bracing, African Ebony Fretboard & Brid... View Product. Jean Larrivee has been a luthier for 50 years and knows how to build a guitar. Just a joy to play. The case shows the wear but the guitar does not. Logged If there is such a thing as reincarnation I want to return as a Remora, Remora's are insignificant creatures that cling to creatures of significance (quote) The Sandman. I find my 000-16SGT (which is a long scale 12 fret with a 1.75" nut) and the Larrivee 000-50 (also long scale and 1.75" nut) to be just as comfortable as my two short scale guitars. It has a rich sound with the Rosewood side. Guitar is in excellent playing condition refretted and set up at the Halifax Folklore Center, bill's to prove ($500). Larrivee does not make this length any longer, they only make 25.5” and 24”. Hot from the Larrivee Website! Body Type; The body type is an important consideration when buying a short scale guitar. Jeff Runyon. Kawai ultra short scale bass guitar. That's the one with four scale lengths on it, "Gibson Short" 24.75", Fender 25.5", 25" and Martin 25.4". This guitar is in excellent condition. According to Larrivee support this was a limited in Canada prior to moving to California. The Larrivee P09 Artist is a short scale, 12 fret neck guitar, with a relatively wide nut width of 1.77 inches or 45mm but a fairly short scale length of 24 inches or 610mm. Short scale guitars come with necks that are narrower and shallower, making it convenient for those with smaller hands. Numbers are … As many parlor guitars, it is a short scale instrument – 47/75″. Producing high-grade acoustics for nearly 40 years, Larrivee brings boutique-quality tone endorsed by the likes of Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley. This Early 2000’s Limited Larrivee Parlor P-03R Guitar is being sold as used and come to you in excellent condition. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Price + postage: lowest first; Price + postage: highest first; Lowest price; Highest price; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery view. Our top pick for the best acoustic guitar right now is the Martin D-28 Reimagined, closely followed by the Taylor Builder's Edition V-Class K14CE This one is no exception. AU $300.00 . The P-03W has an intimate voice. Search and buy guitars from sellers all around Australia. These aren't for everybody but I love mine. I own a Larrivee L-09 which is a wonderful guitar, but the few times I've found myself playing a short scale instrument, I am amazed at how much more comfortable they are to play. very nice guitars, and short scale, but the waaay wide necks and round C neck profiles put me off. . Really has the presence of a larger-body. Mine has flamed maple back and sides and is a great fingerstyle guitar. Jeff Runyon. $0.00. I'd like to know which of the short Gibson scales my fret rule has. L-09 Brazilian. 03-24-2020, 07:08 PM #12. rob taft . Contact. Larrivee nickel silver tuners. This model is in Larrivee’s popular Legacy Series. The P03R is the whole package: durability, playability, and tonal quality all in one. They now have a separate fret rule with four Gibson scales on it. Short Scale on a 14-fret neck-to-body join, Modified Low Oval neck carve, with Performing Artist Taper for VERY comfortable playability.Traditional "Foden-Style" fingerboard inlay-first used in 1911, inlaid with Select Abalone Pearl! Necks are a little thin -- that's the only issue. Messages 3,315. This makes fretting individual notes or bending the strings easier. Our round-up of the best acoustic guitars applies to beginner, intermediate and pro acoustic guitarists alike, and spans a range of budgets too. I am the original owner and it has been primarily a living room guitar. Today, we're very pleased to offer this BRAND NEW Larrivee OM-40 Special Edition Short Scale Orchestra Model Acoustic w/ Iced Tea Burst Finish, Spruce Top & Mahogany Back/Sides! There are no dings. Short-scale(24" 1 3/4" nut width, so it's a perfect fingerstyle machine. If you want a short scale see if you can try a Larrivee Parlour, 24" 12 fretter. Despite the fact that both the Taylor GS Mini and the Larrivee Parlor guitars have the same scale length, the Larrivee Parlor has only 18 frets to the Taylor’s 20. The string tension on a 000-15S is the same as on any dread It also has body-to-neck joint at 12th fret. Other features include X bracing, multi-strip rosette, ivoroid fingerboard binding and heelcap, bone nut and compensated saddle, 16:1 ratio chrome tuners and composite bridge pins. Beautiful Larrivee OM09 with authentic road worn case. Contact your dealer for order and availability. The apprentice relationship only lasted a short time but the impact has lasted decades.