Our specialist tile cutting service can assist in the off-site precision cutting of tiles, create bullnoses, stair treads, pool coping, and custom tile edges. Visit our site to view your favorite colors. Retail jobs. All you have to do is: Search for a painter in your area. hope this helps Job: Description: Labour: 1: Let’s assume a 10’ x 8’ bathroom, tiled floor to ceiling, with one window reveal, walls ready for tiling, with the bath etc. Sort by: relevance - date. For wall tiles, expect to pay in the region of: $20 to $28 per square meter for standard white ceramic wall tiles (600mm x 300mm) $68 per square metre for steel grey polished porcelain wall tiles (150mm x 600mm) Adhesive and grout to be supplied by the tiler. Tiles By Room. ELECTRIC CUTTERS Most tiling jobs require tiles that fit perfectly when they are fixed, so they need a precise and accurate cut. Tiling costs per square metre range from $30 to $120. Core Group South Africa (25) Cape Union Mart (22) Create your CV and start applying for jobs today! - crack tiles chopping, put back the new tiles, everything about tiling doctor it's here. Retail jobs now available. Kandua.com has lots of experienced, background checked, vetted and reviewed painters across South Africa. - proceline tile - ceramic tile - n atural stone -mable tile - travertine tile Quality job in best price" - number one quality tiler. The cost of tiling a kitchen floor depends on the size and layout of your kitchen. All Floor Tiles; Bathroom Floor Tiles; Outdoor & Slip Resistant Floor Tiles; Kitchen Floor Tiles; Living Area Floor Tiles; Garage Floor Tiles The collection features all the latest international trendy shades and textures, making it easy to bring the outdoors into your home. Get multiple painting quotes in 1 minute or less. Book kitchen floor tiling … We supply and fit new and used Carpet tiles at reasonable unbeatable prices saving you lots of money. Answer a couple of questions about your carpentry job. This will take 2 men 2 days. The cost of your tiles is a major factor to consider for any renovation project. The Johnson Tiles design specialists have created the Natura Collection™ for people who love nature and all its wonders. Average prices for laying tiles are between $45 and $50 per square metre. Page 1 of 1,990 jobs. in situ, to be tiled in 8” (200mm) square tiling. Average price: Price range: £633 - £,1055 Average (most common) price: £844. We also take care of the installation of cladding, mosaics, expansion joints and trims. - I'm available all around Cape town area. A larger, square kitchen may require more tiles but a smaller or narrower kitchen may take longer, and this can affect the price just as much as size. Tiles come at a range of price points. I price by the job mainly based on a day rate as I would never price doing a kitchen above worktops say in 3" square tiles the same as one in 12" square tiles. Although many tilers calculate their charges based on their hourly rate, you are more likely to get a per square metre quote, or even per job. Hi as a rule I tend to charge per M2 for larger jobs as there are less cuts so £25 to 30 depending on the tile type..small fiddly bathrooms ect or areas with lots of tools cuts and trim then it's a day rate around £175..any wall or floor prep work tile removal is charged £150 per day materials all on top of this.