1 oz Smirnoff® Green ... 1 oz sweet and sour mix. 19% (38 proof) Serve in: Cocktail Glass. It's a fabulous yukky green colour but tastes much better than it looks! Found by a friend on a Halloween website - name unknown! Read 10 responses to: "Mammas, do any of you drink Smirnoff green apple..." Find the best answer on Mamapedia - mom trusted since 2006. The taste us great, not too sweet and doesn't taste like alcohol at all. As another poster noted, Apple Martinis are popular. apple vodka, ginger beer, apple juice, mint, granulated sugar and 4 more. 1/1. Depending on how foo-foo, super sweet, and fruity you want it to be you can mix it with club soda, or 7up, or cranberry juice, or apple juice, OR you can mix it with peach schnapps and cranberry juice. I recommend mixing it with juice or just drinking it straight! Try our Crown Apple recipe with Crown Royal® Regal Apple Flavored Whisky, a smooth whisky infused with natural apple flavors. Apple Martini #2 recipe. apple, apple schnapps, sour mix, apple vodka. Out of all the Smirnoff flavors, Grewn Apple is my all time favorite and its what I always bring to family barbecues. The Apple Martini cocktail recipe is a paradise of apple flavors made from apple vodka, apple brandy and lemon, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. I love to drink a cold Smirnoff Green Apple after a long, hot summer day. Smirnoff Green Apple Twist Vodka short-drink recipes. 1 oz Sour Apple Pucker (about 7 bucks at the liquor store for a 750) 1 1/2 oz Sour Mix (make your own with 2 parts fresh lemon juice, 1 part sugar and 1 part water for the best taste!) Strain into cocktail glass, and serve. Whether your a college student, or a parent trying to get their drink on at a barbecue, Smirnoff serves as a go-to for making drinks. ... Smirnoff Green Apple Martini AllRecipes. Apple Martini #3 recipe. 1-8 of 8 recipes. Apple Seeds The Apple Seeds is made from Smirnoff green apple vodka, watermelon vodka, sour mix and lemon-lime soda, and served over ice in a rocks glass. Smirnoff Green Apple is delicious, can be drunk on the rocks, as a … The apple flavour masks the vodka flavour, though it has the same percentage of alcohol as normal smirnoff. The price is very reasonable. Mix 1 large bottle of Smirnoff Ice, 1 large bottle of Orange Bacardi Breezer and 1 large bottle of WKD Blue (equal parts). APPLE BLOSSOM MOSCOW MULE In Good Flavor. Shake well. Oct 15, 2014 - Smirnoff Sours Green Apple Vodka combines Smirnoff vodka with the crisp, tart taste of sour apple - check out these delicious cocktail recipes Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker shaker half-filled with ice cubes. To make one, build in a mixing glass with ice: 1 1/2 oz Apple Vodka. Baileys Caramel Appletini (Baileys Appletini) AllRecipes. Shake and strain into a martini glass.