Incidentally, this rather plump healthy looking flower, is as a result of proper pruning of the Butterfly Bush. Prune out the dead flowers during the summer for secong flush. Buddleja alternifolia . Buddleja Alternifolia. Best in a sunny position and suits cottage gardens well. Pruning group - Pruning group 2 Suitable for: Deciduous shrubs and trees that flower in Spring or early Summer on previous year's growth, including plants that produce new growth at or near ground level. Info on your website states to prune in March, the plant breeder's website states to prune hard to 30 cms in mid March. Other names. Height up to 3 metres, can be trained as a small tree. Extremely attractive to butterflies. B. alternifolia - B. alternifolia is a large and fast-growing deciduous shrub, with arching branches with grey-green leaves and … An unusual Buddleja as the leaves grow alternately on the stem rather than opposite each other. Sometimes called the Weeping Buddleja … Buddleja alternifolia is a vigorous species from China. it is easy to prune and care is simple when grown in a sunny position in well drained soil. B. alternifolia does not require pruning but it can be tidied-up or confined by removing some of the old wood after flowering. See pictures of the best non-invasive butterfly bushes including ‘Miss Molly’ and the Lo and Behold … The long panicles of fragrant blooms are sweetly scented and always busy with pollinating insects. Regular price £12.99 Add to Cart. Although tolerant, it prefers a rich loamy soil in a sunny position. Unlike most Buddleja, it will need some frost protection until mature and can be vigorous in growth so be ready to prune if you’re short on space. Cut back all the stems that have flowered to healthy buds, to produce flowering wood for the following season. In March, every year, prune all the branches, just flush with the ground; this operation is called coppicing, it forces the plant to re-emit stems from its roots. Last Updated on January 22, 2020 by John. 2017-03-28 ... Lightly prune in autumn. Pruning Buddleja is not essential, the shrub will survive if not pruned, but pruning produces the best flowers and keeps it to size. Silver-leaved Fountain Buddleja Yes, this is a buddleja—but it's in bloom in early June, not the usual July through September season of the regular Butterfly Bushes, which are all cultivars of Buddleja davidii. Fountain Buddleja, though, makes all the uncommon and astonishing choices. Generality. Cut just above the first shoot at the bottom of the stem. Buddleja alternifolia and Buddleja globosa both produce flowers on old wood, so cutting them back in spring would mean no blooms the following year. ... Prune my alternate-leaved butterfly-bush. Small narrow greyish green leaves, deciduous. Both emit an irresistible scent. Learn how to plant, care for and prune butterfly bush in your garden. Pruning: Prune flowered shoots to strong buds. How to prune. I reckon you need to allow for 4' of growth next year so cut back accordingly. Weeping habit may be best showcased by training and growing this plant as a single trunk tree. If it is not pruned, over time it will get very large, and the flowers smaller and fewer. Buddleja alternifolia. Very large flowers on long arching canes make this a very attractive shrub. prune only after flowering. Buddleja alternifolia ‘Argentea’ Buddleja crispa Sweetly scented lilac flowers with a white eye from July to September. Prune the right Buddleja in the right way. Buddleja × pikei was bred by A.V. Buddleja alternifolia AGM Fragrant, lilac, flowers in June. Noteworthy Characteristics. One important note here. Redshanks. It is often pruned to a single trunk to make the most of the graceful arching stems giving the plant a weeping look, however, it can still make a lovely bushy shrub. I received a buddleja alternifolia Unique from Crocus today. Buddleia - Buddleja alternifolia. It's arching branches of narrow green leaves hold wonderful panicles of perfumed lilac purple flowers. Species. You can enjoy this abundant floral display from early summer throughout autumn. Pike at Hever Castle, Kent and is the cross B. alternifolia and one of the B. crispa varieties, probably an authentic specimen of B. caryopteridifolia. The buddleia make up a family of about one hundred shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous, native to Asia and South Africa, also widespread in Europe and the American continent. The stems of the butterfly bush, Buddleja davidii, should be cut right down to the base, leaving a woody clump. Buddleia alternifolia. Wetland Status. The most popular variety is the Buddleja davidii, whereas the alternate butterfly bush Buddleja alternifolia is also worth being mentioned, which takes a special position concerning the yearly cut. Make sure you are pruning Buddleja davidii in this way, and not Buddleja alternifolia or Buddleja globosa.Both of these Buddleja species produce new growth on old stems, so they should never be cut back hard in the way described above.. End-of-winter arrangement. The butterfly bush can reach growth heights of up to 500 cm and grow 300 cm onto the sides, due to branching. Get started pruning shrubs | help & advice on how & when to prune / RHS Gardening Once you know the principles of pruning it is easier than you think and, if you prune shrubs at the right time of year, it will really improve their performance...buddleja davidii...Take out half the old stems that remain from pruning and prune back the other stems, depending on flowering time, as follows Longstock Gem is a late spring flowering hybrid of B. agathosma x B. alternifolia. They consist of tufts of long arched stems, covered with long, lanceolate, dark green leaves with a white or gray underside. The best of the seedlings was named B. pikei 'Hever'. Discover why Buddleia is irresistible to pollinators and how to keep them blooming longer. Growing Buddleia alternifolia (Butterfly Bush) Most of us could quickly identify the hugely common, but extremely popular Buddleia davidii and some may have seen the new dwarf buddleia varieties but most will not recognise or even heard of a Buddleia alternifolia (also known as alternate-leaved butterfly bush). Known also as 'Hardy butterfly bush,' it is the cold, hardy species of the buddleias, good from zones 5 to 11. Cut back approximately 1/4 of old shoots to the base to promote replacement growth. Buddleja alternifolia is a fast growing, deciduous, bushy shrub with a spreading habit. Buddleja alternifolia NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. It is hardy, deciduous, and flowers slightly earlier (end of June onwards) than B. davidii, but can treated in the same way for pruning. The insects love it. Buddleja alternifolia is a relatively large deciduous shrub with graceful arching branches. Interpreting Wetland Status. Should I prune my newly bought plant, or will it have been pruned at the nursery? A large shrub which can be trained as a small tree, with arching branches bearing narrow, grey-green leaves with silvery undersides and sweetly scented lilac-purple flowers, borne in clusters on the previous year's shoots in late spring and early summer. Unique’s branches are covered with masses of graceful, lilac-purple flower panicles. Alternate-leaved butterfly bush, Buddleia alternifolia, Buddlea alternifolia. First of all, when you buy the plant and have planted … Buddleja alternifolia, known as alternate-leaved butterfly-bush, is a species of flowering plant in the figwort family, which is endemic to Gansu, China.A substantial deciduous shrub growing to 4 metres (13 ft) tall and wide, it bears grey-green leaves and graceful … In summer the stems are covered with small clusters of fragrant lilac-purple tubular flowers. This deciduous shrub is cloaked in narrow grey-green foliage that contrasts nicely with the pale lilac flowers from July to September. Note: Buddleia davidii can be highly invasive. Buddleja Unique flowers extremely rich and long. Related Links. Without pruning, the flower would have been smaller, and get progressively smaller as every season passes. However, if you want a neater, tree shaped Buddleja alternifolia (called a ’standard’) then you will have to put a little extra effort in. A large shrub, with rich red flowers. Buddleja alternifolia is also called ‘Fountain Butterfly Bush… This plant has no children Legal Status. Even by the end of a single season the stems can be thick and woody, so you will need loppers or a pruning saw rather than a pair of secateurs. • Buddleja alternifolia should be pruned as it finishes flowering in midsummer. How to prune, and when is the best time to prune Buddleia davidii Butterfly bushes. B. alternifolia, from China, grows rather more slowly but is also a large shrub. It produces an abundance of small seeds that can easily spread across large distances. That is clearly more than most gardens can cope with and hence the need for regular pruning. To prune a butterfly bush, start by identifying what kind of butterfly bush you have. No need to be gentle with it - its a thug For the early flowering buddleia, buddleia alternifolia. Prune after flowering to maintain shape. The other common type of Buddleja, B. alternifolia is pruned differently and requires pruning … Prune lightly after flowering. If you have a buddleia davidii, which has dark purple flowers, prune it back 6 to 12 inches in early spring or late fall. (Photo by Peter Moore.) The plant holds an Award of Garden Merit Alternatively, if you have a buddleia alternifolia, which has light purple flowers, prune it in mid to late summer to about ⅓ its size. Buddlejas are pretty self-sufficient, except for their pruning requirements outlined below. When: Annually, after flowering. Unlike virtually all Buddleja where the leaves are opposite, this one has alternate leaves. Agree with previous comments - once in the Autumn and once in the spring. It … Spread about 2 metres. An unusual shrub native to parts of China, Buddleja alternifolia has elegant, arching branches covered with masses of fragrant, lilac flowers in early to mid summer.The leaves are ornamental in their own right, being lush green, fine and willow-like. Masses of slightly fragrant soft mauve flowers are produced in June. Prune in late spring immediately after flowering. Buddleia alternifolia is commonly called the weeping butterfly bush. Buddleja x alternifolia ‘Unique’ is a new variety of Butterfly Bush that is neat and extremely long-flowering, with fragrant, lilac/purple flowers and a Compact, bushy habit. Buddleja alternifolia Maxim. Alternate-leaved butterfly-bush (Buddleja alternifolia): learn and get advice on how to grow, care, plant, mulch, prune, water, identify. Genus. These can produce single flower heads of up to 15in in length. This is an extremely attractive large growing deciduous shrub. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. – fountain butterflybush Subordinate Taxa. Buddleja Buddleja. Prune after flowering. If unpruned most B. davidii will grow (over time) up to around 10ft with, perhaps, a similar spread.