The Best Currant Bushes UK Grown Ribes Varieties. Description of Big Ben Plants & Fruit: This huge blackcurrant is the biggest we've seen: at least double the size of other blackcurrants. Usually produces its fruits in single trusses with 8-10 large sweet fruits per truss. During the late Spring & Summer months, orders placed after 10AM on a Thursday will not be dispatched until the following Monday as we like our stock to arrive in prime condition so this means avoiding weekends! Bred by Scottish Crop Research this arose from a cross of Ben Alder and a very hardy Russian variety. ... Home > Fruit and Edibles > Fruit and Edibles > Black currant. A favourite for the exhibitor, relatively disease resistant. It is very similar to the above variety Boscoop Giant with all the advantages of the early crop. Search Plants. Check for this, and carefully tread down any that may have done so. Plant into rich moist free draining soil in a site protected from strong hot winds. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Sign Up to ReceiveOur Latest Offers and Promotions, For more information on fruit trees and fruit plants, find us on Twitter or Facebook, Click the options below to refine your results, *Silvergieter's Zwarte Blackcurrant Bushes, Foxendown - A New Highly Disease Resistant Blackcurrant Bush, Half Standard Blackcurrant 'titania' Blackcurrant Bushes. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Remove any branches that may be diseased or weak. Hand weeding is recommended, however, if using a hoe, ensure you don’t go too deep to avoid damaging the roots which can lead to suckers being produced. Always producing a quality fruit and consistently outyielding the older varieties. Black currant plants for sale – need to know before that it’s require: chilling hours, mulch, moist soil, full sun, average to big amount of water, the season it’s in the winter to early spring. Very high colour stability makes the fruits perfect for juice and wine. COVID-19 UPDATE: Our webshop is still open for business and we continue to operate whilst closely following the governments advice in relation to social distancing and increased hygiene in the workplace. Highly frost tolerant requires an area where winters are cold. We are very pleased to be able to offer this superb old variety that excels for dessert, pies and preserve use. used to be the most widely grown blackcurrant but has now been supersceded by more modern varieties. Allow 610 shoots per bush. The latest of all varieties to ripen giving fruits into September. PLANTING IDEAS AND USES: • use in cooking, sweetened in Juice drinks jam or Jelly It was first released for sale in 1988 making it a relatively new variety. The jostaberry is a blackcurrant x gooseberry hybrid, with fruits that resemble a large blackcurrant. Do not retain any branches more than 4 years old. Ben Tirran is the latest to ripen of all the commonly grown varieties and extends the cropping season. Heavy crops in most seasons. Welcome to our specialist range of blackcurrant bushes for sale. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The very... Raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute and introduced by us. It has top class resistance to big bud mite (gall mite) which affects many other types. Fast dispatch The bushes... An old variety from Europe with a terrible name. It is, however, much less susceptible to frost.... An old heirloom variety that has become superceded but remains fondly remembered. * Free delivery available on 8 or more items for all postcodes in the £5 surcharge range above. Ben Connan are available as organic plants, the other varieties are available as non organic plants. At James McIntyre & Sons we supply an excellent variety of good quality Blackcurrant Bushes in both 3 litres and as bare root plants (depending on the time of year). Water in well. Shipping: (adjusted at login) $0.00 Total $0.00. The sweet, juicy fruits are very large and of dessert quality. Please note that all orders from the following postcodes will incur a delivery surcharge which will be added on when you enter your address. It may be necessary to cover the plants at night during the flowering period (March/April) when frosts are forecast. ORDER BY PHONE CALL 1300 606 242. Our Blackcurrant Bushes are varied in type, from our mid-season Ben Alder to our popular early-fruiting Ben Connan variety. Log In Track my Order 0118 903 5210 . The health benefits of Blackcurrants are extremely beneficial, with the berry packed full of antioxidants, vitamin C, anthocyanins and polyphenolic substances. Rasberry. Blackcurrant plants Blackcurrants are delightful, generous cropping fruit bushes that have been grown in the British Isles for over 500 years. Our lead times are gradually returning to normal, but we would ask that if your order is time sensitive then you contact us to check on the current situation. Very fast growing and attracts butterflies. Browse our other soft fruit here.. All the plants in this section have a Year Guarantee, with free delivery on orders over £60, or £100 for pot grown plants. 5 x Raspberry Canes with bare roots. Free delivery does not include sundry items as one of the 5/8 items and applies to plants only. Free delivery does not include sundry items as one of the 5/8 items and applies to plants only. CONSORT BLACK CURRANT (Ribes ussuriense) Large, sweet black fruits, on a vigorous, productive bush. We supply our currant bushes as bare root plants during the dormant season, and can supply in pots during the warmer spring and summer months too. product (empty) No products. Plants are available for delivery from late November until late March. It is the latest flowering, even... We were pleased to be the first to introduce this completely new type of blackcurrant raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute. Your Basket. Ripens mid-summer. Ebony has a taste that is so sweet and mild it is the first Blackcurrant... From the list of enviable characteristics associated with the variety, there hardly seems to be a disease that it isn't resistant to! £3.50: AB31-38/AB41-56/FK17-21/IV1-40/IV52-54/IV63/KW1-15/PH15-26/PH30-41/PH49-50/PA21-40, £5:  BT/GY/HS/IM/IV41-51/IV55-56/JE/KA27-28/KW15-17/PA20/PA41-49/PA60-78/PH42-44/TR21-25/ZE & Republic of Ireland. The blackcurrant bushes that we offer are all strong well rooted 2 year old bushes to ensure the best results possible in your garden. Bear in mind that it is a good idea to cover the bushes when the fruit is beginning to ripe to keep birds at bay. The available Currant plants are Black, Red, Pink and White. Garden Fruit Plant. Find black and red currant plants that thrive in partial to full sunlight and produce currants that are perfect for jam, jelly, or winemaking in stock at Burpee. Superb for pies, juicing, freezing, jams etc. Ben Corman is superb for growing in the garden with very large high quality fruits. Orders are generally turned around within 48hrs – we aim for 24hrs as much as possible. Very resistant to Mildew.... A vigorous, slightly spreading bush, that is only a moderate cropper but is the earliest to ripen. Free Delivery when you order 5 or more products *. The fruits are borne on naturally arching stems for easy picking and are sweet enough to be eaten fresh or used in cakes, jams and crumbles. 2in below the surface. Ben Sarek is a new, compact variety and is the first of a... An old variety, grown since before 1847, but long since almost disappeared. Occasionally due to frost, some plants may have lifted during the winter. Log In Home Contact Us Delivery & Returns. Consort has a strong flavor not as well liked as Minaj Smyriou or Crandall as a fresh fruit, but good for jam. An attractive formal feature for the kitchen garden, fruit garden, potager or ornamental area. Both vigorous and high yielding, producing heavy crops of very large glossy black currants that have a superb mouthwatering flavour and are of excellent quality. The Crandall black currant is the most ornamental and sweetest of all currant varieties. Plant with the old soil mark (if visible) approx. Choose your favorite Currant plant from Raintree Nursery. Burpee Fruit is borne mostly on last years wood. Malling Jet remains however a good variety, and if you have grown it before you will probably want to do so... A choice tradiitonal English Blackcurrant raised in 1933. The berries are larger than other blackcurrants, and has good disease resistance; Ben Hope is the more popular blackcurrant found in UK gardens. Our parcels are handled by DPD using a 24hr service which applies to most areas of mainland UK with the exception of more remote & outlying regions. In April, apply a good layer of mulch around each bush. A sheltered frost-free site in full sun is preferable, however, they can tolerate light shade. The most commonly grown blackcurrant variety by UK gardeners and with very good reasons. Top Quality Big Ben Blackcurrant Plants & Bushes for sale in 3 litre containers or bare rooted. Pleasant flavour and quite heavy cropping. Watering is vital during spells of dry weather. We offer blackcurrant bushes that have a spread of fruiting from late June through July. A heavy yielding, mid-late season variety, raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute. The first genuinely dessert Blackcurrant! Ben Connan and Ben Sarek can be planted as close as 1.2m (4ft) apart. The bushes which we provide are often easy to grow and high-yielding, producing good quality soft fruit consistently. Bushes should be planted 1.5m (5ft) apart in rows. If planting between November and March cut back all the shoots to within 2-3 buds (Approx.5cm) of soil level after planting. Flowering up to 2 weeks later than Baldwin, the flowers have good frost resistance and will normally escape frost damage. Line the bottom of the hole with fresh compost or well-rotted manure. ScotPlants Direct have two of the best Blackcurrant bushes for all types of gardens. Blackcurrants also like slightly acidic soil but this is not crucial. Hardiness: blackcurrant plants are native to the UK and will not suffer from frost damage. The blossom is resistant to frost. Blackcurrant Ben Sarek An excellent early variety with a neat, compact growth habit making it ideal for growing in smaller gardens. An old heirloom variety we continue to maintain. Position: in the UK, the greatest barrier to successful fruiting is a lack of sunlight, so planting in full sun is recommended. Foxendown is such a clean, healthy and vibrant luxurious bush it is ideal... And the first time we have ever offered a half standard Blackcurrant! Good disease resistance due to the late flowering season.... A variety from the Netherlands, raised from a seedling of a local Dutch variety. As the plant matures i.e. Generally ships from December- April. Tops for flavour. The exception to this is during the lead up to the bare root season which begins mid-late October when pre-season orders will be collated for dispatch as soon as the stock is ready. Ben Connan is probably the heaviest cropper of all blackcurrant varieties. Their bulk does not diminish their flavour: they are sweet (slightly more so than Ebony) and are delicious straight off the branch.These are vigorous plants, and they crop early, so a sunny site is important to get the best flavour. Ben Sarek bushes are ideal for smaller spaces where space is at a premium due to its compact yet heavy cropping nature, while our Ben Connan produces glossy, large berries, which have a fabulous rich flavour to them. We particularly recommend these blackcurrant bush varieties - Ben Sarek for it's compact growth and big crops, Ben Connan for extra large berries, and Ben Nevis for hardy durability, yield and extra frost resistance. We reserve the right to add on a delivery charge when sundry items are included in an order and free delivery is applied incorrectly. The bush is large and produces a very heavy crop of large berries. This blackcurrant bush produces up to 4.5kg of fruit per plant at maturity, Blackcurrant 'Big Ben' is a high yielding cultivar and deservedly won an RHS Award of Garden Merit at recent trials. Early season; approximately 7 medium-large... A mid-late season variety, giving a heavy crop of medium to large fruit of good flavour. A new late season variety from the S.C.R.I.... A very special new variety that we are very pleased to introduce. Blackcurrants are an essential ingredient of summer pudding one of the most delicious of English puddings. Native to the temperate parts of central and northern Europe and northern Asia, they have aromatic leaves and produce flowers in racemes up to 8cm long and containing 10-20 flowers each in June. A single bush will produce fruit without a pollinator but grow two varieties to improve yields. Redcurrants, blackcurrants and whitecurrants, delivered direct from the nursery to your door. Black currant plant. Prepare a 2ft x 2ft (60cm x 60cm) area at each planting spot by digging a hole approx. Prices include GST Check Out. Shop for durable currant plants that are easy to pick, highly resistant to disease, and yield a bountiful harvest of fruit available at Burpee. Blackcurrant bushes There is nothing quite like the very distinctive flavour and aroma of blackcurrants. Plant about 1.5 (5′) apart. Visit our store in Monbulk, Victoria Open: 8:0am – 3:30pm Monday to Friday (excl. Enjoy fruit fresh or use in your favorite recipes. Blackcurrants also need a regular feeding cycle, so as well as applying Growmore in March, they will need a liquid feed that is high in potassium when the fruits are swelling. COVID-19 UPDATE: Our webshop is still open for business and we continue to operate whilst closely following the governments advice in relation to social distancing and increased hygiene in the workplace. Grown for beauty and fruit, the Crandall’s clove-scented, trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in spring. Currant plants for sale! Blackcurrant bushes should be planted 5-6'apart, except Ben Sarek which can be spaced as close as 3.5' between bushes. Produces a compact bush. The fruits are thin skinned and have a juicy, fine and aromatic flavour. We reserve the right to add on a delivery charge when sundry items are included in an order and free delivery is applied incorrectly. Shop online and get them delivered direct to your doorstep. Planting your bush in a sheltered spot will help prevent uprooting and allow it to put more resources into fruiting. Replace the soil by gently treading it back in and it is a good idea to apply a general purpose fertiliser mixed in with the soil at this time, ensuring the plants get the best possible start. Cart . £9.95 Blackcurrant Bush 'Ben Lomond' This used to be the most widely grown blackcurrant but has now been supersceded by more modern varieties. The introduction of new blackcurrant varieties that are heavy yielding and resistant to frost and diseases now makes growing this fruit very worthwhile. Ben More is by far the best for plant habit, making a good cup-shaped. Wide selection of varieties all producing delicious fruit available for a fast dispatch! For international orders, please contact us or email us direct at Trim weak shoots to 2-3 buds. Featured products. If using manure, also ensure it is well mixed in with the soil. Our Blackcurrant varieties have a natural  frost resistance and disease resistance against mildew, leaf spot and leaf-curling midge. All of our soft fruits are grown on our East Perthshire farm in the small town of Blairgowrie. ORDERS TAKEN for... A recent introduction from Holland that is becoming rather popular. Very good resistance to... An early variety. Currants come in a range of colors like black, red, white, pink and yellow, depending on the variety, and they can all be used fresh or in jams, juices, syrups, preserves, and baking. Remove 2-3 older shoots yearly after 3rd year in Summer after harvest. All of our soft fruits are grown on our East Perthshire farm in the small town of Blairgowrie. Check out this fantastic new patio raspberry Bonbo, Stand all set up and ready for day 1 of the HTA Na, With 12 days to go until the first day of the HTA, Blueberry "Sunshine Blue" providing a good feed fo. easy to manage bush. Many varieties available - Mail Order Plants. DPD provides unrivalled tracking of your package ensuring you know where it is every step of the way, as well as providing you with a 1hr delivery window. Blackcurrant Bushes For Sale Online - Blackcurrant Bushes available from Blackmoor Nurseries to Buy Online Today. See our range of high quality Black currant bushes. This should be done between November & March but should not start until 2 years after planting. Black currant. Blackcurrant bushes, white currants and redcurrant bushes are all suited to growing in open ground or containers, and prefer a sunny aspect in well-drained soil enriched with well-rotted manure. Flavour is good but quality can be poor as is the plant habits. Blackcurrants have a good flavour, and can be used in a number of delicious ways and make for the ideal berry to use for preserves such as jams, jellies and teas, or they’re equally great in adding flavour to cakes, muffins and pies. Always popular but susceptible... We are very pleased to be able to offer this variety again after a number of years, a release from 1933 that was a popular variety in the 1940's and 1950's. a third of the branches that have fruited to enable new shoots to grow. Big Ben Blackcurrant Bushes. THE NEW VARIETIES WITH FROST RESISTANCE The Scottish Crop Research Institute and East Malling Research Station have developed new varieties that tolerate adverse weather conditions, flower later to avoid spring frosts and crop heavily, consistently from year to year. Easy to grow, heavy cropping they will provide lots of nutritious summer fruits for many years if maintained well. Order Now! The honour simply must go to Titania. Black currant seeds. Large, sweet fruits. Blackcurrant jam is one of the most popular traditional jams. Flowers 2 days before Ben Lomond but crops at about the same... A new late fruiting variety from the S.C.R.I. Plant at a distance of 4-6ft (1.2-2m) apart training left and right from the centre. Heavy yielding, the large well flavoured fruit are of very good quality. Ripening early the fruits can be up to cherry size and ready for... A variety that was the predominant late variety some years ago but has become outclassed. It produces heavy crops of fruit with a good sweet flavour. The super fruit is said to aid in blood flow, eye health, gut & kidney health and the immune system. Bred by Scottish Crop Research A new late season variety ripening 10 days after Ben Lomond, very high yields of medium sized berries, the flavour is excellent with a real blackcurrant aroma, In addition Ben... A mid-late season variety raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute. They are compact and do now sprawl. The blackcurrant bushes that we offer are all strong well rooted 2 year old bushes to ensure the best results possible in your garden. Blackcurrant Bushes for Sale At James McIntyre & Sons we supply an excellent variety of good quality Blackcurrant Bushes in both 3 litres and as bare root plants (depending on the time of year). Related Plants. Currant Plants Make jams, jellies, puddings and pies with delicious produce from our currant bushes. 3-4 years old remove approx. The Ultimate Guide to Growing Blackcurrants. twice the diameter of the root-ball or pot. Buy Blackcurrant Bush/Shrub Fruits&Fruit Trees and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! A compact bush of good cropping habit, very high in Vitamin C. The standard blackcurrant 11 variety to which... Ben Alder produces heavy crops of small to medium sized fruits with a lovely flavour. Currant plants are easy-to-grow, compact shrubs that produce large clusters of edible berries. Black currant plant. Consort is the highest black currant variety tested in antioxidants & total phenolics, making it … Young BUT Healthy Blackcurrant Plant in Litre Pot Healthy and Will Fruit Next Year Regular weeding is important. A variety that has been hotly anticipated for some time and an entirely unique variety. Keep up to date with all of our latest news and special offers, James McIntyre & Sons ©2020 | Wolfberry Media - Web Design Perthshire. Public Holidays) 10am – 2pm Saturday, excluding public holiday weekends Blackcurrant Ben Sarek for sale - Compact growth making it an ideal choice for the smaller garden.Ben Sarek produces heavy crops of large fruits ready for picking in mid July. These bushes produce masses of berries, high in Vitamin C. Ideal fruit for making jams, juice and even liqueur. Ben Sarek has frost and mildew resistance so a good choice for colder sites.