Your decor sensibilities tend on the futuristic. And if it doesn’t work out? Expensive gifts won’t necessarily woo you, but you’ll go giddy for something thoughtfully chosen, like your favorite book in a leather bound hardcover, or a consciously sourced treasure handmade by women in a developing country. Where the element fire reacts, air … People with Venus in one of the Air Signs tend to intellectualize their emotions and they rarely let their feelings carry them away. Now we’re talking! Pleasing parents falls pretty low on your list of priorities; in fact, shock value can be an aphrodisiac! Air signs Gemini , especially, brings a rather frenetic and often mischievous nature to the relationship that may only confound and annoy practical and methodical Taurus in the end. While these folks are often calm and collected, they can turn cold if their equilibrium is upset. own an original Eero Saarinen Womb Chair…in tangerine! Air signs are all about action, ideas, and motion—they are the “winds of change.” When a strong gust hits you, you can’t help but move. Each of the four elements found in the Zodiac will also influence your Venus Sign. With water sign Pisces directing your loving feelings, you could feel your friskiest at the beach or in a tub. The answer may lie in your Venus sign: the zodiac placement of the planet of love and beauty at your time of birth. It is interesting to notice that two of them have a problem with the Sun, Libra taking it to fall and Aquarius to detriment. Venus makes them express their emotions and passions, providing creativity and inventiveness. An international team of scientists that included members from MIT may have found signs of life floating in the clouds of the planet Venus. Venus in Aries can be very abrasive, unless there are a lot of planets in Pisces, Cancer, or other water signs. Let the slow jams pipe softly through your speakers and the vintage Pinot breathe alongside a pair of glasses on your counter. For all of you air signs, you have an edge of logic and project a charismatic energy in a bold and profound way. Although you can take your time to commit, you believe in love at first sight. I am also in love, and my partner has Venus in Scorpio in the 11th, as well as the same Pluto placement. When an air bubble enters a vein, it’s called a venous air embolism. Lucky you! It has been an amazing 10 months so far. Both Saturn and Venus consider each other a friend. to picking out the perfect warm-weather retirement community for your sunset years. The circle reminds us of the inclusive nature of our universe. Ultimately, you’re a sapiosexual, turned on by a beautiful mind. This liberated (and sometimes fickle) Venus sign might even make it hard for you to attach to one partner. This enchanting Venus placement makes you a master of seduction, as you artfully weave your gifts of empathy with your intuitive understanding of what turns people on. The energy of your Venus sign can also say a lot about your personal style and aesthetic. Like Venus and Mars, Mercury is the ruler of two zodiac signs: Gemini (Mutable Air) and Virgo (Mutable Earth). Venus is “in detriment” in Scorpio, which is a somewhat challenging position because it falls opposite to Taurus, the sign that the love planet rules. While some within their ranks may be true-life “airheads,” others are as powerful as a gravity-defying G-force. They love to analyse, synthesise and probe. The relation of the signs to the elements is the same in the two systems. Natives with air signs natally in their Mars planet will have a large storage of mental and intellectual energies, but these Mars placements are considered less favorable because of the hot and wet nature, in contrast to the hot and dry nature of a fire mars. Note: You do not have to be one of the air sign to exhibit traits associated with air. You’ll wait patiently as your potential S.O. A fairy tale beginning to your lifelong romance is a must; something you can reminisce over during the slower spells. Your home will be equally luxurious and decadent—ideally with a giant walk-in closet and a full-on party room. Open communication with groups, which may be colleagues or friends is important. Do you feel like going to eat hamburgers? Venus is “exalted” in Pisces, meaning this is its most potent placement in the zodiac. This glamorous Venus placement can make you a natural on-camera—you may even have delicate or symmetrical features that make you wildly photogenic. And hey, since you have SO much love to give (and maybe more than one adult human can handle), getting a pet can be a great outlet for some of your warm-fuzzy TLC. Since this sign rules the feet, the shoes always make your outfit. Let's go! ... Are Your Venus Signs Compatible in Love? So, you’re blessed with beauty, charm, and grace, just like the goddess of love herself. There has been a very close and beneficial Grand Trine form in the Air signs in the last couple of days, which certainly augurs welcome news -- especially for those with placements around 25 - 29 degrees of any sign. Air Signs are about communication. Hey, if it’s not a page-turner, it’s probably not for you! You prefer to plunge into the depths of intimacy and find out every one of your lover’s secrets. Under this liberated Venus influence you chafe at the idea of anyone “owning” you. You prefer to defy convention. It’s all about harmonizing the elements and zhushing every ensemble and room of your home into the perfect balance. Both balance and harmony require an entity to give and take equally. Some Venus in Capricorn people might actually swoon at the notion of co-creating a business. Eclectic prints, vintage signs, and vision boards may crowd your walls—fascinating conversation pieces for all the glittery intellectuals in your friend circle to discuss…that is, if you’re home long enough to entertain them! Taurus is ruled by Venus, the indulgent planet connected to love, beauty, and money. ... Venus is a social planet, and Libra is a highly social sign. They're love hits different, almost fairytale like. You’ll take your sentiments super-sized, thanks. When you feel hurt or rejected, you may come across as withholding and even downright cold—and the loss of a relationship can devastate you more than most. If you were born with Venus in assertive Aries, you are a fiery and passionate lover who won’t settle for less than an all-encompassing attraction. When Venus is placed in the sign of Saturn, the person faces detachment from romance and challenges in love and married life. Here there is no exclusion. My recent ex was a Leo Venus and also a Mars Scorpio. Like Queen Bey, who shares your Venus sign, you can pull off eye-popping colors and bold patterns (especially jungle prints), gem-encrusted “red soles,” cape coats, candy-colored furs (faux or no), and oversized hats that serve as your regal crown. Air — 3 - Gemini; 7 - Libra; 11 - Aquarius - light, hot, wet Water — 4 - Cancer ; 8 - Scorpio ; 12 - Pisces - cold, wet, soft Elements In Classical Astrology [ edit ] Air signs bring everyone a breath of fresh air … You’ll revel in every season of relationships, from the courtship dance to planning the wedding (obsessed!) This care for humanity usually comes with a struggle with one on one relationships. Pro tip: Skip the revenge fantasies and let karma handle it. Fill up albums with memories from your halcyon days and beyond—plus all the magic moments you share with your S.O. If you were born with Venus in sensible Capricorn, you play the long game in love. PDA? 10 The Lovers - Gemini. In bed—or wherever you set the scene for your romps, which could be daringly public!—you love to be admired. One minute you’re worshipping at the altar of your mate, the next you’re gasping for air…and even pulling a “slippery fish” disappearing act! For example, if you want to look up the Venus sign for a birth date of August 12th, 1969, note that Venus entered Cancer on August 3rd, 1969 and entered Leo on August 28th, 1969. Venus-ruled Libra brings balance, beauty, and sociability to Gemini’s stimulating, interconnected world. The planet of love and beauty is literally at … Sharing your own, however, may take years. Although you might not admit it out loud, you’re a sucker for status. There has been a very close and beneficial Grand Trine form in the Air signs in the last couple of days, which certainly augurs welcome news -- especially for those with placements around 25 - 29 degrees of any sign. You’re a natural earner who loves to spoil the people in your den, from your mate to your cubs. Chateau Cancer will be a cozy and well-appointed palace with overstuffed sofas and sentimental objects like souvenirs, family albums and framed photos. The Air signs are intellectual, mental, cerebral, clever, verbally and … You’d rather be skiing the Black Diamond together, or creating a family of overachieving kids that you can brag about at family dinners. Venus is “in detriment” in Aries, which is a somewhat challenging position because Aries is opposite the sign, Libra, that the love planet rules. Venus was the first planet ever visited by a spacecraft, when NASA's Mariner 2 flew by in 1962. A powerful attraction can literally overtake your common sense and you can get lost in a heady space during sex. If you're interested in what you're like in a relationship, here's what your Venus sign reveals. Libra wants to be peaceful and essential to the lives of everyone they touch, just like air. Although you tend to be “all or nothing” when it comes to commitment, erotic encounters are a different story. Venus Rules 2 Zodiac Signs: Taurus & Libra. With your peacekeeping ethos, you’d rather avoid the unpleasantness of a conflict at all costs. See more Love and Relationships See more Aquarius Gemini Libra Venus Don't do us like that. Create a free birth chart here to find out where your Venus sign lies, and consider it your own short code to love! During the dating phase, you require all the traditional trappings: long-stemmed roses, Rumi poems, picnics in the park. Check. Your bedroom may look like a high-end bordello, complete with all the accoutrements needed to put on a show or even make a few home videos. So, are Air signers fresh as a summer breeze, or are they howling like the wind? Signs that represent the element of Air in the zodiac are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Scorpio is the sign of joint ventures and merging resources, so expect a magical melding of bank accounts and living spaces. The fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius all go well with the air signs and fellow fire signs. Libra as a cardinal sign means that you will not find a cardinal person slacking off. So, are Air signers fresh as a summer breeze, or are they howling like the wind? Blankets and pillows on the couch? Ruled by Mars, Aries likes to confront and conquer, where Libra, ruled by Venus, likes to connect and keep the peace. i av both sun and mercury in pisces, venus and mars in aries, cancer moon, aquarius rising, saturn, pluto and south node in scorpio with NN in taurus and jupiter in aquarius. They may cry with a clairvoyant or burn a Love Drawing candle, but it’s unlikely you’ll return. If the click is there, you’ll jump right in, ready to race off on a romantic escape…or to the Vegas chapel! Worst: Venus … Venus is not only about love, but it is also about money. You might install mirrors on the ceiling; or, with consenting partners, build up a private video collection of your greatest moves. If you were born with Venus in harmonious Libra, romance is your raison d’etre! In this article we will consider Venus in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the three Air Signs. Showpieces that have a one-of-a-kind flair will fill your home and closet. tolerate, however, is feeling restricted or possessed. If you were born with Venus in curious, communicative Gemini, you’re a pro-level flirt who needs tons of variety to stay interested. You may purposely scout out partners who are “different,” and enjoy leaving jaws on the ground with your no-limits brand of loving. 4 The World - Saturn Rules Aquarius. Deeply private, you’re “proper” in the streets, a tiger in the sheets. Probably both, depending on when you catch them. Along your romantic flight path you may fall for a few wounded birds, especially if their keen intellect appeals to your “sapiosexual” love of a beautiful mind. Air sign moons discuss emotions and often see them as if from the outside. Venus is Pisces, Mars is Scorpio. Sharing thoughts is, to Venus in Air natives, the most essential part of a relationship. Once you recover, you’ll never go back; in fact, with the sign of the Virgin ruling your love jones, you can maintain long bouts of celibacy between partners. Libra and Taurus share the rulership of Venus, which brings some … Detriment of Venus Aries is in polarity with the cardinal air sign Libra. There’s no prejudice against these folks,  just a bright and shiny idealism that can emanate from their core being. If you were born with Venus in secretive Scorpio, your approach to love is seductive, soulful and intense. Its energies tend to be bright, buzzing, and bountiful. With your tender underbelly, it can take you years to get over a breakup or so-called rejection. Invest in basics: jeans, sneakers, boots, then pop it all out with fashion-forward pieces and statement accessories that you can swap at Buffalo Exchange after you’ve Instagrammed yourself in them twice. reveals their every dimension—including their invariable shadow side. They see all sides of an equation and can glean the best approach. In a woman's chart, this is how you embody your femininity. Can the two of you build something world-changing together? Some Venus in Sagittarius people might be comfortable in a polyamorous arrangement or a relationship that is open under certain circumstances—e.g. Venus is the planet governing our love lives and how we relate to other people, and so our Venus sign can help uncover what you're like as a partner, as a lover and as a friend. She makes her zodiacal signs love … Nesting with your S.O. (Libra is the other.) Do your part to NOT trigger their abandonment issues by going MIA. As the only planet in our solar system named after a female deity (yes, astrology could use a feminist upgrade!) Venus in Cap tend to try to make things work no matter what they tend to stay in relationships a lot longer that they should. With your finely tuned sense of balance, you easily sense when a partnership is out of sync and you’ll quickly adjust. Save the red roses and the red carpets: If you were born with Venus in practical Virgo—the sign of selfless service—a pure heart and noble character are your true turn-ons. I seem to attract either Fire or Air Venus signs and Mars is a mixed bag. Here we will take a look at the air element in general as manifested by the 3 air signs. hooking up while traveling solo or kissing other people but not removing clothes. No fast fashion for you! Ideally, you’d make changes to your living space season by season to reflect your current mood, so think in terms of collections. Alas, patience is NOT a virtue for those with Venus in Aries. Probably both, depending on when you catch them. Only inclusion.All is welcome, and all is ever-expanding. Venus in legacy-builder Capricorn also favors classic “grandfather” décor: large clocks, leather sofas, wood cabinetry…even taxidermy. A relationship of two, whole individuals is your ideal; not losing your identity in some claustrophobic couple bubble. Can you say, “hot mama?” With Venus in nurturing Cancer, you’re equal parts caretaker and coquette. If you were born with Venus in curious, Curtains up! A plush, organic mattress, silky, spun-cotton sheets, a down comforter and piles of pillows are aphrodisiacs for your comfort-loving Venus sign. There are three signs per element: Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; and Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It has the power to change areas, and it does, Aquarius is the sign of change and originality. Are you looking to develop a savvier fashion sense, or figure out the right décor scheme for your home? On Earth, phosphine is rarely found outside of swamps, penguin poop and lightning strikes. View Entire Discussion (9 Comments) Your mate must be vocal in their appreciation of how gorgeous and special you are—and, during the courtship phase, quick to reach for the check after a lavish dinner (to which they arrived with an armful of roses, a hand-written card or some other token of affection). Venus in Air Signs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius To make Venus in these airy signs feel loved and appreciated, intellectual rapport is essential because the … The Venus symbol meaning is a combination of the circle and the cross.. Visually this symbol speaks to us on two levels: Spiritual and Material. Relationships are important to the Libra sign. Go beyond Sun signs to learn more the planets in your chart, the 12 houses and much more. What does air represent and how does it help us. partner for you will support your need for space, being affectionate…but never smothering. These individuals want to get the word out, and it’s not likely to be fluff. But if there’s one thing you cannot abide by, it’s being ignored! You’ve got game! Your eclectically decorated home may look a bit like a shamanic tent or a hookah lounge! Before that mission, scientists could only peer at its … They are objective, cooperative and want to help make a better world. The right partner for you understands that you have a deep need for freedom, which might simply mean giving each other space to explore independent hobbies and intellectual curiosities. The right partner for you understands that you have a deep need for freedom, which might simply mean giving each other space to explore independent hobbies and intellectual curiosities. Venus in Taurus people may prefer practical luxury, saving up for pricey, yet well made, items from classic brands. These cardinal signs tend to bring harmony, life and balance to the world. That said, you don’t wait TOO long for a home visit. You can read more about Venus in Gemini, or Venus in Libra, or Venus in Aquarius. Air signs are all about equality, fighting for rights, protest, and peace. If you were born with Venus in fantasy-fueled Pisces, you see the poetry in basically everything. With this lucky sign shielding your heart, you understand that fortune favors the bold. Venus is said to be the ruler of Taurus, an Earth sign, and Libra, which is an Air sign. Venus is an earth and air point, so it is most at home in all the Signs and Houses in one way or another. And it may be hard to believe, but playing it safe can even prevent you from finding your soulmate. They are generally less physical than Water, Earth … This is your hub for planets in retrograde. The Zodiac Sign occupied by Venus at the time of our birth describes how we express our affection for others as well as the things in life we take the greatest pleasure in. Venus in Aquarius. Air signs. Whether you're recovering from heartbreak or could use a jolt of joy, beauty, and truth about who you truly are, Venus power will help you get in touch with your innermost desires and your sensual self. hooking up while traveling solo or kissing other people but not removing clothes. Aquarius Venus is a universal air sign. Venus is “exalted” in Pisces, meaning this is its most potent placement in the zodiac. to find out where your Venus sign lies, and consider it your own short code to love! If you were born with Venus in iconoclastic Aquarius, your approach to relationships is unconventional, if not outright rebellious. Contact Us A lover who drags out the courtship process will likely get a taste of your extreme ghosting powers. It's Libra's job to restore balance, create harmony, and cooperate with all—not just the easy jobs. Move over, Rumi. Love at first sight is all too real for you—and you’ve probably fallen head-over-heels in a nanosecond more than once. Gemini rules the hands, so whether you’re furiously typing messages to bae, or enjoying some manual stimulation, you bring new meaning to “digital dating.” And Tinder was practically made for Venus in Gemini people, even if you’re just scanning profiles “for the fun of it.” With your ever-fluctuating tastes, you can bore easily of clothes and home décor. Great hygiene and grooming are also a must for your germ-conscious Venus sign. So if you have a dilemma, hand it over to an Air sign and watch them go to work. Even when you find your “twin flame,” you may have moments of repulsion to match the extreme magnetic pull. Air Signs can be somewhat hard to nail down, just like the wind. You’re one of Cupid’s darlings and, whether you care to admit it or not, a hopeless romantic to the core. It might take years before you’ll share a bathroom with your S.O., if you ever do at all. Understanding your Venus sign—and that of your bae (or bae-to-be)—can help you find your way to a partner who is divinely suited to your romantic needs. In air signs, Venus deals with love as a concept, prefers friendship and freedom in relationships (Aquarius), and definitely needs lots of space (particularly Libra, surprisingly!). It also rules the Third, Seventh and Eleventh Houses. The site is owned and run by a team of writers and editors at Astrotel Ltd. Venus is Sag have no problem dipping out. There is little upside in baiting or goading an Air sign. There's a high chance that person is a Libra because this cardinal air sign can charm your socks off. Venus in Aries people do not get on well with water signs who are sensitive, emotionally needy and must have security in their relationships. Venus in air signs. In air signs, Venus deals with love as a concept, prefers friendship and freedom in relationships (Aquarius), and definitely needs lots of space (particularly Libra, surprisingly!). At times, you may strike others as austere, reserved…even cold! A thoughtfully-chosen wardrobe of boutique-label designers fills your closet. Thrusting and warring is the business of her male consort, macho Mars, while sensual Venus directs the archetype of feminine energy within all of us. Venus Love Matches. It is a rather detached placement for Venus unless there’s a good dose of water or fire to balance it out. What starts as a Tinder, “let’s meet-up for drinks” thing could evolve into a 24-hour date that takes you from karaoke to after-hours bar to the bedroom to brunch—and maybe a burlesque show in between. Cooperating, compromising and co-creating? When it comes to your personal style, think: edgy and nouveau. The kitchen is likely to be the heart of your home. Of course, you’ll do everything in your power to prevent the “old married couple” vibe from kicking in, showering your partner with gifts, strutting around in sexy (matching) lingerie, booking exciting vacations and keeping up with fitness and beauty regimens. Ah, those intellectual, social air signs. You’re always willing to try a new gadget, toy, even a rotating cast of partners and “extras.” Single days are not lonely days for you, whether you’re burning up the dating apps or enjoying the virtual turn-on of erotica (or both). And nothing cheap or tacky for you, Venus in Libra. But that’s only because you’re deeply private with your emotions—and you need to know that people are dependable and wise before you’ll share your vulnerability. Taurus Venus in Taurus people need to be touched. A Venus in the air signs requires a paradigm and a structure in which to create, as they understand that without proper form, ideas cannot exist. Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are all ruled by the Air Element. The Air signs are intellectual, mental, cerebral, clever, verbally and visually creative. The Zodiac & Air Signs. The element of Air attaches to the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. What could be more satisfying than being able to sit back with your S.O. Venus has to do with how we indulge in our senses, how we express our love and how we assign beauty to things. When a prospective lover shows interest, you might demure or throw up a tough outer shell. Regardless, your ideal mate will have a global sensibility, and you’ll enjoy traveling together at every opportunity. One soulfully sexy gaze from you might be all it takes for clothes to go a-flinging. In fact, you may prefer piles of embroidered pillows for your seating: the perfect perch to check out all your woven tapestries, religious artifacts and cleverly placed vintage suitcases. Another plus with Air is that it manifests itself most humanely. This is the outward expression of Venus: our fashion sense, material urges (and splurges), aesthetic preferences, and how we romance the ones we adore. In Venus Signs, Jessica Shepherd breathes life back into the Goddess. Signs of Life on Venus Hint at Biology Pretty Much Anywhere in the Universe. Venus is our next-door neighbor. Warning: With Venus in this playing for keeps position, you’ve may be guilty of trying to turn a hook-up into a husband (or wife), projecting soulmate qualities onto someone who you’ve only just met. They see all sides of an equation and can glean the best approach. Cancer rules the chest area so you may tease with an open button or low neckline that shows off your chiseled pecs or décolletage. I love Venus in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, and Pisces a lot. Venus lends us our fashion sensibilities and your tastes could run to the “bazaar.” Treasures you scoop up along your travels will become favorite pieces in your wardrobe, from hand-embroidered caftans to dazzling saris to breezy guayabera shirts. a strong emphasis on rational and logical thought, ideas and intellectual pursuits, detachment and a sense of objectivity and fairmindedness, mental agility when communicating and expressing ideas, more concern with theory than with the application, a tendency to be people-oriented but inclined towards the group rather than the individual, varied interests which lead to a lifelong search for knowledge, an inability to communicate effectively or clearly, communication can be enigmatic and obscure, self-consciousness associated with circumstances that point to incoherent communication, difficulty learning when the goal does not have an immediate and tangible end, enhanced ability to communicate emotionally, physically or psychically, to visualise a practical use for their ideas, to guard against fast thinking and impractical dreaming, to allow space for emotional development and interaction, to learn adaptability and the use of the mental functions in a creative manner, to view issues in a more objective manner, to define and visualise alternatives and objectives, to get to plan ahead expand horizons of general interests. Opposite sign to the exalted position, can indicate struggles when utilizing the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all Fire Signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are Earth Signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are Air Signs and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are Water Signs. From beginners through to advanced students of Astrology. When you find someone who meets your standards, you’re a generous and sensual lover who intuitively understands the kinesthetic realm of touch and movement. That said, Venus in Capricorn gives you a strong “provider” instinct. Bookshelves are a must! Those influenced by Air can honestly wear another’s shoes as it were. The world as seen by an Air sign will be an interesting one, as their analysis and subsequent explanation (hopefully in terms we can understand) will indicate. While you know that there’s no such thing as perfection, you aren’t looking to play psychologist to the tragically flawed. In short, it shows how – and what – we love. Venus through The Signs – An Overview. As such, your vetting process is strict and thorough. These natives will respond most lovingly to verbal expressions of interest and affection. An air embolism, also called a gas embolism­, occurs when one or more air bubbles enter a vein or artery and block it. The master of fire is Mars, while Mercury is of earth, Saturn of air, Venus of water, and Jupiter of ether. When it comes to your sartorial flair, you have the most discerning of eyes. But this can actually be detrimental to intimacy. With career-driven Capricorn directing your love jones, you might even be married to your job for periods of time—so much so that marriage springs from an office romance. Since you love to eat (and maybe cook), your ginormous fridge will always be filled. Venus represents, amongst other things, how people both give and receive love. Laughter is the key to your heart. They are alert, curious and perceptive. Stylistically, you’re the opposite of a mall rat. It is something that enchants its opposite Venus in Sagittarius, and that's the reason why those two usually make excellent friends. Curtains up! Easy does it with the double standards though! If you’re in a relationship, it might be wise to stop by the gym (and use the sauna!) The planet’s most powerful position, indicates ease and added fortune when using the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart. With your discerning eye and appetite for luxury, you can be a bit of a style snob. Yes, please, and plenty of it. Let us take a look at the Air element and delve a bit deeper into the 3 air signs. Venus-ruled Libra wants to form relationships of balance, I give you air, you give me life. Thus, they are the leaders and “idea people” of the zodiac. The clouds of Venus join the shortlist for potential signs of life in our solar system By Mike Wall 14 September 2020 Scientists have spotted possible signs of life on multiple worlds beyond Earth. Connecting over a shared love of art and music along with similar spiritual pursuits is also a must. You want coast, mountain, seas, deserts, hurricanes or snowfall: there will be your Venus in Gemini with their fabulous vibes. Reading side-by-side in bed in the hush of comfortable silence might be your idea of foreplay. When forced to slow down, it has a hard time. You’ll find Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra at protests, in charity shops, or sharing petitions online. Venus in Air people (that is, those with Venus in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius) consider communication to be the key “ingredient” in their relationships. Flowy dresses and breezy silks can make every day feel like a rhapsodic beach walk. Air Signs. Mercury ruled Gemini is our communications specialist. Skinny dipping is your idea of foreplay. You’d rather hold hands while you walk under the stars, and talk about all the dreams you have for making the world a better place. Learning about neuroscience and its effect on human emotions can give you a template for empathy. Libra is one of the four cardinal signs. The pick-up artists have a technique they call, “neg-ing,” where you teasingly insult the person you’re attracted to. Libra and Scorpio Love Compatibility. You may bring the outdoors in, decorating with lush houseplants, crystals, stone floors and reclaimed wood floors. LOW AIR PERSONALITY an inability to communicate effectively or clearly, communication can be enigmatic and obscure self-consciousness associated with circumstances that point to incoherent communication difficulty learning when the goal does not have an … Yup, that too. Venus in … Marriage might not be your ideal with ultramodern Aquarius ruling your heart. Cardinal signs are full of vim and vigor and possess a drive and ambition that is unmistakable. If you were born with Venus in, and you’ll take it with all the trappings: long-stemmed roses, picnics in the park, candlelight dining and moonlit walks. Although you run cooler, you must be careful not to minimize your partner’s feelings. Brand Partnerships Mars in air signs. Since trust does not come easily when you have Venus in Scorpio, you might choose a partner who is an open book and knows how to create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to bare your soul. You do not have to be one of the air sign to exhibit traits associated with air. Venus is NOT about the p—- …well, you can fill in the rhyme. Once the object of your affections passes your tests, you’re all in, shopping for housewares at Crate and Barrel, Pinning iconic engagements rings, scouting out hillside mansions for your wedding ceremony, and figuring out which grandparent you’ll name the first kid after. If you sense endless possibilities from a merger, you’ll cliff-dive right in—even if you have no tangible proof of concept (and have known each other for like, a week). Indie-label designers, capsule collections and deconstructed vintage? Your secrets may stay locked in the vault forever, not even to be shared with your “Sex and The City” brunch crew…which might be for the best. This enchanting Venus placement makes you a master of seduction, as you artfully weave your gifts of empathy with your intuitive understanding of what turns people on. Just use those powers judiciously because you don’t always realize when you’re flirting, even leading people on. Convivial Venus guides your romantic desires and your social style: Are you a shameless flirt or a unapologetic introvert? Digital connections are still plenty strong for you—and because of this, a long-distance relationship could actually work out just fine. The perfect partner for you must be a multidimensional “renaissance romantic” who has major range and interests outside the relationship. But you’re also practical and know what to splurge on, and also what to pick up at IKEA and hack it with knobs or paint. For Venus in Taurus people, being relaxed is the key to being receptive to love. You’re looking for a partner who wants to build something stable and fruitful together—and that doesn’t come along every day. Do you prefer a slow-burning courtship or are you the type who would race to a Vegas chapel on the fifth date? We have put together this Air sign hub page. A killer sense of humor is more likely to win you over than dashing good looks. It is rarefied air that usually surrounds those graced by this Element. Since the planet of love and beauty reigns supreme here, this placement blesses you with extra luck in the love department. Yang is the outwardly focused energy of fire and air signs, and Yin is the inwardly focused energy of earth and water signs. Venus in air signs. But here’s something that’s especially important to remember: Finding true love also requires you to risk heartbreak. Hope springs eternal for those born with Venus in Sagittarius; you’re a gambler in the game of love. They can even be a little kinky once they're comfortable in a relationship. Move over, Rumi. Venus in Libra shares the cardinal qualities and air element. You may even work as a stylist or designer! Venus lends us our fashion sensibilities and your tastes could run to the “bazaar.” Treasures you scoop up along your travels will become favorite pieces in your wardrobe, from hand-embroidered caftans to dazzling saris to breezy guayabera shirts. Air signs are a natural fit for Libra, as they share the same elemental expression. The planet’s home base, an easy flow if placed here in the chart. In Western tropical astrology, there are 12 astrological signs.Each of the four elements is associated with 3 signs of the Zodiac which are always located exactly 120 degrees away from each other along the ecliptic and said to be in trine with one another.